Double Digger Machine Price

By | August 7, 2023

Double digger machines, also known as double boom excavators, are heavy-duty construction machines used for digging and excavation purposes. These machines are equipped with two booms and buckets, which allow for increased efficiency and productivity in digging operations. In India, the use of double digger machines has gained popularity in various construction projects. Please read below for double digger machine price.

I have gathered information from various sources to provide detailed insights into double digger machines in India. Let’s explore further.

  1. Iron Double Pit Digger Machine:
    • We offers an Iron Double Pit Digger Machine for agriculture and farming purposes. The double digger machine price is approximately ₹80,000. The price may vary.
    • Source: MMS Industries
  2. Double Pit Digger:
    • We provides a Double Pit Digger machine in Khatauli, Uttar Pradesh. The machine is priced at ₹1.1 lakh and is primarily used for sugarcane agriculture systems.
    • Source: MMS Industries
  3. Double Pit Digger for Sugar Cane Planting:
    • We offer a Double Pit Digger specifically designed for sugar cane planting. The machine is used for the ring pit method and is suitable for sugar cane agriculture.
    • Source: MMS Industries
  4. Tractor Double Pit Digger:
    • MMS Industries is an exporter of Tractor Double Pit Diggers. The machines are available at reasonable prices and are manufactured in Khatauli, UP, India.
    • Source: MMS Industries
  5. Pit Digging Machines:
    • MMS Industries provides a list of Pit Digging Machines available in India. These machines are used for various purposes, including agriculture and farming.
    • Source: MMS Industries

Based on the information gathered, it is evident that double digger machines are widely used in India for agricultural, farming, and construction purposes. These machines offer increased efficiency and productivity in digging operations, making them valuable assets in various industries.

Please note that the prices mentioned are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as location, specifications, and additional features. It is recommended to contact the respective suppliers for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

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